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About us

We are a non-competing village band with the primary aim of having fun and supporting local communities










A Brief History of the Band

The original Comrie Pipe Band was formed in the 1920’s one of the prime movers being Mr Alexander McGregor who formed a Committee to raise funds to provide uniforms and other equipment. The Band played at many functions throughout Perthshire including the Comrie Highland Gathering. At some point in time before WW2 the Band folded for reasons not recorded.

In the 1980s the famous Hogmanay Flambeaux Parade was resurrected in Comrie led by a Pipe Band formed of local individual pipers and drummers. This led to the revival of the Comrie Pipe Band in 1985, which gradually grew in strength with players joining from the Comrie and Crieff area.

The first Pipe Major was David Donaldson who was followed in turn by Pipe Majors Peter Lowe, Rob Bolton, Sandy Campbell, Rob Bolton again and finally the current Pipe Major Willie Nicol. There has also been a similar succession of Drum Sergeants, the first being Hugh Sinclair who led the drum corps for around 20 years, followed by Ian McGregor and now by the current holder Laura Todd.

The Band does not play in competitions but supports many annual events in the Comrie/Crieff area including the Comrie Fortnight, the Crieff Highland Games and the Comrie Hogmanay Flambeaux Parade. The Band proudly wears the Strathearn tartan and is now seen as an important asset to Comrie itself and the surrounding communities.

The Band visited Carleton Place in Canada in 1994 and 1997 as part of the twinning arrangements with Comrie and in 2019 were invited to visit Maureillas in the South West of France. There the band spent a week playing every day in a different village in the area and in Maureillas itself. The Band was very well received and had a successful and enjoyable experience.


The Band is currently planning a trip to Galliate near Milan in Italy in July 2023 where it has been invited to play in the Galliate Music Festival over a week in early July 2023.

The Band is always open to pipers and drummers of any age and provides tuition for learners. Two former members of the chanter class have gone on to compete along with world class pipers at the prestigious Glenfiddich competition at Blair Castle. Visit the ‘Join Us’ section.

If you would like to give a donation to support the band please follow the yellow button to our paypal page.

Band Members

Find out more about some of our band members by visiting the 'Band Members' page. 






Pipe Major Willie Nicol
Drum Sergeant Josh Roger
Pipe Sergeant
Jim Smith
Drum Sergeant
Angus McMillan
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